DofE Expedition - Balance Payments and Training Event

01 May 2021, 00:00 ( Add to calendar )


Welcome to the payment page for Seema Sangwin's Bronze Group.

Here you can pay the balance for your expedition in May, and if you are interested, also pay for the training expedition that is happening over the 1st-2nd of May 2021.

The training expedition is not required but would be a useful way to increase knowledge and confidence of the basic skills needed for expeditions; especially if participants wish to continue on to do Silver and Gold.

As we already have all of your health details and parental consents, all you need to do is select the balance payment option, and the training expedition should you want too and confirm which group member you are paying for on the next page.

As has already been agreed, should the expedition need to be cancelled because of government guidelines postponement or refund will be possible.

Please note: apologies, because of the way our booking system works should you want to do the training expedition as well, you will need to type the name of your group member in twice on the next page.

Also the 'ticket' you will receive once payment has been made will state the 1st of May regardless of whether you select the training expedition or not. Just for clarity, the training will be 1st-2nd of May and the assessed is still the 29th and 30th of May. 

Registration Types

Name Price Quantity

Balance Payment - DofE Bronze Assessed 29th/30th

Required balance payment for the DofE Bronze Assessed expedition
Price £115.00 Quantity None Available

Training Expedition - May 1st/2nd

Price £100.00 Quantity